"Honestly Officer, I'm a Nature Photographer" - yes, I really did say that when someone summoned the police after seeing me 'acting suspicious' while photographing bugs.

I'm not sure what the bugs think of my presence but I do enjoy photographing them.

Photographing arthropods is a passion for me. I shoot with Panasonic Lumix GH2, Panasonic GH3 and Panasonic Lumix FZ150 cameras mainly with the Leica 45mm F2.8 macro-elmarit lens. But some of my favorite images were shot with the relatively inexpensive FZ150 with a diopter add-on lens. 


My primary locations are New York City and Austin, TX.

I hope to do more traveling this year and capture more images of amazing creatures.


I hope you enjoy my photos and video. 


I am also a video editor. I've added a reel page of some of the video projects I've shot and edited.